Photography Guide for Beginners

  • How photography has come a long way since just so that you can appreciate the state of the art device that you have
  • How to put interest where you want and ultimately make your photos pop by leveraging the rule of thirds and creative framing
  • How something as mundane as symmetry can make your photos stand out and how to make the most of it in the most unlikely places/situations
  • How balance can be the one thing that may be standing in the way of making your photos to appear professional and how to make the most out of it
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Product Description

You are about to learn how to stop taking bland, uncreative, amateurish photos on your expensive camera!

If you are like most beginner photographers, the reason you acquired your top of the range camera is because of the hope that you could take out of this world, professional looking photographs with your digital camera for posterity.

Unfortunately, what they show on camera ads is nothing close to what the average untrained beginner takes. While the typical ad shows users capturing magic moments on the fly while taking advantage of all the cool features in a standard digital camera to optimize photo composition.

Why is that so, you may ask?

The reason is simple; for the average untrained beginner, the typical DSLR camera is too advanced such that they can’t use any other function other than the automatic mode.

Obviously, you didn’t buy a fancy DSLR to point and shoot all the time. Sometimes you want to compose your photos professionally by leveraging the full power of your digital camera. You want to take photos exactly as you see them in your mind.

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